Sunday, November 14, 2010

Type type type...

That was me, a typin' fool. I actually got my 1700 words in today, and a few extra to boot. I'm at 3600 words or so now. I reached a good stopping point, and while it's not a "complete story," it's at least a "complete introduction," I think.

I also went back and re-read it. I didn't like the way it read, so I changed from third person to first person. I think it reads better now.

Back to the workout tomorrow. Not exactly sure what Carrie has in mind for me, but it's sure to be just gangs and gangs of fun.

Susie says the wedding reception went off very nicely at our house yesterday, for which I am very glad. I'm sorry I couldn't have been there to lend a hand, but that's done, and some of Susie's other obligations have been completed as well, so things should be a bit calmer around the old Wit Farm/Knit Farm.

Things are looking good for me to be able to get home in time for our family trip to Dublin, but I still can't say for sure. That's disappointing, but I should know soon. I'd hate to miss out on that.

This is a pretty chatty post, isn't it? Well, and why not? It's just us friends, right?

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