Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm pooped. Not just body, but brain as well. This place, for all its good bits (no sand, no ... well, no lots of things) is a soul-sucker. Yep, we just had two days off, and they were GREAT. But back to work today... and I'm just done. Nothing specific, no terrible thing happened, I just realized that I'm really REALLY ready to be home.

I had a little lunch a bit ago, and came down to my room to write this entry, and of course, the net was feeling wonky and wouldn't connect. So I sat on my bed to read a bit, and nearly fell asleep. Now, that wouldn't be so bad, since I have to get up at around 1:00 AM, but then I wouldn't have blogged, and we can't have THAT.

Fortunately, nature called, and when I returned, the net was back. So I'd better post this before it goes away again.

Oh, and the workout today? Circuit, sort of: 5min treadmill, then 15 each Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Lat Pull Down, Biceps Curl, and Skull Crushers. Then 25 crunches on a big ball (like a hippity hop or space hopper?) then 25 reverse crunches, then 1 minute bridge (head and shoulders on ball, lie out flat with knees bent 90 degrees to support your weight, keep the body straight). Then a quick break, grab a sip of water... and do it again. 3 sets. Then 15 min cardio.

So, yeah, body pooped too, now that I think on it...

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