Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shamed into it

Today was cardio day. That meant the 4-mile run thing like last week (half mile warmup, stretch, 3.5 miles). Today, however, we managed in at least 5 minutes faster than last week! Woohoo! That translates, sort of, into at least a minute off my 1.5 mile time, especially as today we weren't trying for speed, just a consistent pace. I'm quite happy about it.

Susie commented on my post yesterday, and I suspect she's got the gist of it: my abdominal pain has all the hallmarks of a "sports hernia." Sigh.

Oh, and the title today? Well, as we were cooling off and stretching after the 20 minute elliptical machine workout following the 4 mile run, the boss wanders into the gym. There's been a bench press competition going on at the gym all day, and he gets points for every one of his people who competes. He's been pushing for people to go and even just lift the bar, it counts. He came over to me and said, "Hey, I just emailed (boss back home), and told him that not only are you doing well on your workout plan, but you even took part in the bench press competition!"

Great. So I did. First time in my life I ever benched a press, or whatever. So for me, 135 pounds is impressive. Too bad the guy right before me did 365, and the guy two before him attempted (but failed) at 405.

Whatever, I did it. And now I can brag on it. "Yesssirrebob, when I was in the bench press contest..."


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