Thursday, November 18, 2010

Disappointment reigns

Well, I finished doing all the training I needed to do, and was all set to go home tomorrow. I had tickets in hand and everything. Then the back home boss said, "Hey, why is this the first I'm hearing this? And isn't this going to be expensive?"

After much backing-and-forthing with the back-home folks, the decision was made: I'll stay here with everyone else. If, for some reason, the departure of everyone else doesn't happen on time, then I will be allowed to run across to the airport and fly home commercial.

See, apparently it's not the money, it's principle. Apparently the guy back home (a mid-level boss, above me) who knew this was the plan didn't share this plan with anyone. Don't know why, doesn't matter right this minute. But then he decided to take some time off. So, when Doug, the leader of the group that I came here with, and who knew of the plan, told the boss here I needed my travel arranged, he said, "What? Who said he could leave?" Because although we've been talking about this since I arrived, no one "officially" told them here that I might leave early. So they called back to the home folks, and, as I said, they didn't know about it either. Of course. So, they will pay for me to get home in time to go on my pre-paid non-refundable trip, but they've decided that they will only do so *IF* at the last minute the other plans fall through. Rather than avoid the possibility.

Why? Well, mostly because they feel caught by surprise, and so they had to "make a decision"...

Whatever. I *will* get home soon, and we *will* go on our trip.



Susie J. said...

GRRR indeed!
The bosses here decided a couple weeks ago to refuse/cancel everyone's time off requests for Thanksgiving... and then changed their minds again and reinstated said approvals. I'm waiting for them to rescind everything again at the last minute, because it's totally something they'd do.

Susie H said...

I'm trying to be copacetic about it, and say, as our Afton would: "Gamba y gamba..."