Friday, November 9, 2007

Would you like to play a game?

My post the other day about the show NUMB3RS got me thinking. Thinking about drinking games, actually, and I thought I might create one for that show. But it seems like someone has beaten me to it, sort of. The folks over at Television Without Pity (which I recommend you visit anyway, if you watch any television at all) have a thread in their forums that's a prototype NUMB3RS drinking game. All of the rules are submitted as posts. Maybe I'll be a little plagiarist later and steal some of their rules, but until I do, go have a look at theirs.

1 comment:

cadiz12 said...

television without pity rocks. oh how i was thankful for it when i worked nights and the vcr would spontaneously decide not to record my shows. i'll have to check those forums out again.