Saturday, November 10, 2007


{insert blog text here}

Ok, no, really, that's not it, but would it qualify? It does meet the letter of the NaBloPoMo rules, but not the spirit, I think. In fact, this meta-posting sort of skirts the intent as well, but I'm going to call it good. The family and I are going out and won't be back until tomorrow. I have a work-related social function to go to, to which family are not invited, but we're all going to go, take a room, and call it a mini-vacation. Susie and the kids will stay in the room while I get to have fun. I owe her, big time, but she's going to get her payback on Monday. That's a day I have off from work, but she's taking off with her new friend for a girls' day out. That means *I* get to take the kids for some doctor appointments. Right now, though, we're bathing the kids and packing up, which means this post must be short. So, I'm done. See ya!

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