Monday, November 26, 2007

It's not FAIR!

I had some pretty exciting news to post here... but before I blog, I like to read Susie's daily post to see what she's written.

She stole my title. Harumph. :)

But, yeah, my assignment here got extended for an additional three years, which means we'll be here until the fall of 2011. That's what we were hoping for, and we're really happy about it. It puts David well into "Year 9" of the British schools, which is about the same as 8th grade in the US. That's a very good time for him to make a transition to the US educational system, as he'll have a good foundation to bring with him. It also puts Lily into Year 4, which is a very solid start and should give her a little advantage going into 4th grade.


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