Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The final stretch, indeed

As you NaBloPoMo folks know, we're down to the last few days. I must say, it has been both harder and easier than I imagined. Some days, it just seemed like there was nothing to say, nothing that anyone would want to read about, anyway, and yet I had to go and post about it anyway...and I ended up with a surprisingly cogent post. Some days there was so much going on that I thought I would never be able to write about all of it... and I wasn't.

Ain't blogging weird? There's such a stream-of-consciousness quality to it. Even now, I sat down with absolutely no idea of what I was going to write about. As I waited for Blogger to load up, I checked my email, and noticed the "final stretch" email from Eden at NaBloPoMo. That gave me my title and the first two sentences, but from there, this post just got away from me.

I hope I can keep up the posting. I know it will be hard, especially when I end up going away for months at a time, but there are ways... Ah, seeee, here's the stream-of-consciousness thing striking: I was going to mention how hard it is to think of topics every day, and I was reminded of a topic I wanted to get into based on a news story I've been hearing. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow, but for a preview, it involves a teacher and a teddy bear. And my opinion about how it reflects the state of things in the world and in my country. Which I probably shouldn't write about, for fear of alienating you, Gentle Reader (that's singular, I know). But maybe... just maybe, I'll get all in your face with controversy.

Because that's part of the point.

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