Sunday, November 21, 2010

In which more progress is made

Ran 1.5 miles for time today, and I have improved my time by 30 seconds in three weeks. If I keep this up, I will be quite happy with my time when I redo this stoopid test.

Tomorrow Carrie has "The Big Goodbye" run planned... it's a 5-miler, with a steep hill down then back up at the halfway mark. I'm told it's a beautiful run, and we don't do it for time, we do it for "let's do a long run today."

Which is good, because my back, it is achy.

And on the even BRIGHTER side, in 48 hours I should be home. Can I get an "amen"?

1 comment:

Susie H said...

Yay for that last one...Yay, indeed.

Also, you're still my hero for fixing the computer from across a continent and a few bodies of water :)