Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another nice day out

Susie and I had a very nice day out today. We managed to arrange for a sitter (our friend Ruth) to pick the kids up from school and stay with them until bedtime-ish, and we took the train into Cambridge. The main purpose of the trip was for me to get a replacement battery for my laptop, do a little shopping, and perhaps see a movie.

We had a great lunch Wagamama, a nice noodle place, and managed to walk right into the theater in the middle of the trailers. We saw Quantum of Solace, which I give 4 stars out of 5. Daniel Craig as Bond carries the movie; I found the plot a bit thin. Yes, thin, and yes, I know it's a Bond movie.

In other news, the "near disaster" with the Christmas present I mentioned the other day... I have Susie's permission to tell: Lily's biggest consistent desire for Christmas has been for a goldfish. So yesterday we went out and got "My first fishtank." And 40 minutes after paying for it, as Susie was trying to juggle packages and get the door to the house open... she dropped it. And smashed it. She was pretty upset at herself.

So I drove back to the pet shop, and told the manager what had happened. He grinned and made a joke which, due to his regional accent and the speed of his speech, I didn't understand. I laughed sheepishly, though, and agreed with him. And he handed me another fishtank, saying, "Don't drop this one, now." I thanked him profusely and went back home to a much relieved Susie. Thanks to Pets At Home in King's Lynn. They had no reason to help me out, but the goodwill they generated (and the word of mouth I'll spread around) was obviously worth more to them than the loss of an inexpensive starter fishtank. Rock on.

One last thing; a favor. If you're reading this, would you mind leaving a comment, and letting me know who you are? Especially if you know me? You can see that hit counter thingy over there; it tells me where people are from, and I know people in some of those places. It would be nice to know who's reading me. Please?



Dave said...

I read you :)

Your Charming if Clumsy Spouse

Susie H said...

That was from me, signed in as you. Doh! See, I'm brilliant, too.

Coke said...

Insecure much?

Anonymous said...

Darn, now I'm going to have to block you from seeing me

Christa said...

This is my first time here. I see I have some catching up to do...

Although your counter states that I'm from Dayton, really closer to Toledo.

m1k1 said...

Well all right I will then.
I'm Jen from Sydney (obviously you don't know me) and I'm here via your lovely wife's blog (not that I've met her either, she just sounds nice).

Susie J. said...

I refuse to sign in. You'll have to just guess whether or not I read your blog.