Friday, November 14, 2008

Things, and stuff

Rant: My bank will not allow Susie to make my car payment for me. Because despite the fact that we have a joint CHECKING account, the CAR loan is in my name only. So they won't confirm or deny the existence of the loan to anyone but me (or, I presume, any number of random corporations who might want to check my credit... in which case they'll tell them how much I owe, how much my payment is, if I've ever been late, etc.) So now *I* have to call them from Greece. Even though I have already given them specific permission to deal with Susie. Grr.
It looks like the battery thing might be working... I may have to do it again, though. Time will tell.
Oh, Susie? I found your Men's Synchro link... but you'll have to send people to me to get it... bwa ha ha!


MLL said...

I would be more than happy for anyone at all to have permission to make my car payment...I wonder if I could leave those instructions for my bank?? I mean, if someone shows up and says, "Hey, I have some extra money this month so I might as well make Marcia's car payment," I don't want there to be any obstacles!

One of my daughters is studying in Ecuador this semester and on the recommendation of the college, we did paperwork so my DH is her financial power of attorney and can take care of banking, bills, etc.. on her behalf while she is gone. Which has been all well and good except the one place that wouldn't accept the POA? The university!! They only email tuition bills now and we were ready to make her payment but couldn't get into her online account and even with the paperwork they wouldn't let us. So she had to take care of it from Quito.

Susie J. said...

URGH. I hate it when they do stuff like that! What kind of good is it to have a PofA when they don't let you use it??