Friday, October 17, 2008

Take the good with the bad

One of the cool things about this job is that you get to go to so many different places. One of the strange things is how varied those places are, and how quickly you can go from one extreme to the other. For instance, earlier this year I went from being at this place on a Thursday:

to being at this place on that following Sunday:

Now, if that's not a little culture shock, I don't know what is. Of course, some of the other places I get to go are cool, too... like where I am now. First, the view from my hotel balcony:

Not bad, hmm? OK, one more... I took this as I ate lunch yesterday:

Susie's a bit jealous, I know, because she's been to this area of the world before and loves it, and I really wish she could be here with me. There's so much to see here, and I just know I won't have time to do, well, any of it.

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Susie H said...

Yes. Yes, I aaaaam a wee bit jealous. But I miss you even more than that.