Thursday, January 3, 2008

A year? A YEAR?

A post a day for a year?  Yoiks.  And I'm already 3 days behind.  So I'm gonna make this "a post a day, whenever I can, which won't really be a post a day but close enough."  And it's going to have to do.  Oh, the stories I could tell, if I were to break my rule of not telling stories about work...
One downside of posting using this method (by email) is that I can't really include hyperlinks as easily as I'd like.  At least, I don't think I can.  Here's a test.  If you read my blog, and you've not gotten hooked on my wife's, then go over the and check it out.  She's got a good thing going over there.  And since I can't even read my own blog, I'll have to depend on you, my hordes of devoted fans, to let me know if it worked.  Or Susie can tell me, when she starts to see masses of hits on her site from the thousands... hundreds... dozens... ok, both of you.
Cheers, from "an undisclosed location."

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Susie H said...

Happy Almost BIrthday to Youuuuu, Happy Almost Birthday to Yoooooouuu, Happy Almost Birthday, My Darling, Happy Almost Birthday toooo Yooooooouuu.