Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's his party...

Right now Susie and David are in the other room getting things ready for his birthday party. The theme this year is Harry Potter. We'll be having a Potions class (mixing various drinkable liquids to see who can create the coolest new flavor), a Care of Magical Creatures class (match the description to the Beanie Baby, or something like that), a Herbology class (taste the cut-up exotic fruit, name it and match it to its whole form), Divination (a gazing ball, tea leaves, and maybe some palmistry) and a "make a scale for the dragon tapestry" session.

If you didn't know, we (especially Susie) get a real charge out of making our kids' birthday parties into "events." It's a lot more fun than the standard "pin the tail on the donkey" thing, and since the kids get to choose their own theme, we know it's going to be something they like. David's last party theme was Doctor Who.

I'll see if I can post some pictures, post-event, or at least link to Susie posts, which will be sure to have pictures.

Oh, and I chickened out. Didn't have the talk. We're going to let things go, and at least get one more year out of it.

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Susie H said...

Dude. You've been tagged for Seven Things. See my blog :) Love ya!