Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yep, one of those days. A mostly boring day at work, with a little work done. Susie's off with some friends, the kids are asleep, and the telly is letting me down.

But speaking of TV, how's this for illogical: The program I'm watching doesn't have closed captions. (I often watch with captions so I don't have to turn the TV up as loud, since the TV room is right under David's.) But instead of just not seeing anything, this channel broadcasts its own caption. It just says, "We apologise there are no subtitles for this programme." And that stays on the screen the whole time. Kind of like those manual pages that say "This page intentionally left blank."

Uh, not anymore, hm?

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cadiz12 said...

i hate that! i often watch tv on closed caption late at night when people are sleeping, and i've been known to watch really slow moving movies with the subtitles on at 2x (when you can still read them). i know, bad. but it really makes it move along faster!