Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This wasn't in the manual

It's pretty tiring playing hide-and-seek all day, I tell you what. To the guy who led me into the swamp: thanks. Those boots are ruined now. And we got caught, so yeah, as a strategy... not so much. But the worst part of the day is right now, after I've gotten home. Now I have to wash this off of my face:

I'm a guy. What do I know about taking off make-up? Here's what I know: I've already spent 10 minutes with the soap and washcloth, and Susie's going to have to wash the pillowcases tomorrow.


MLL said...

Hello! I found your blog on NaBloPoMo and just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your posts. See if Susie has some make-up remover!


Susie J. said...

hehehe.... Am I allowed to laugh? My own dear hubby went out to play in the mud a few weeks ago, and then was kind enough to go straight to the doctor's office to help me with kiddos... I had to bring him a change of clothes, and socks, and shoes, and everything. And plastic bags to carry the mud with clothes hidden inside.