Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Now THAT's a nice day

Susie and I had a super day today. We wandered the high street in Kings Lynn, poked into the shops we wanted to, split up for a minute without worrying who would have to take the kids, and generally had a nice meander through town. Then we had lunch. Two words: Oh. My. God.

We went to a restaurant called Maggie's. The restaurant was formerly known as Rococo, but the name was changed by Gordon Ramsay after his "Kitchen Nightmares" visit last year. The chef and owner, Nick Anderson, who won a Michelin star in 2001, was doubling as the maitre d' this afternoon, which was nice. We chatted with him, and he said that Gordon isn't as mean in person as he is on the show... but that he talks exactly the same. So on his shows, when he says, "F*** me, are you doing that?" he adds the meanness, but in real life, he's liable to say the exact same thing and not realize he's hurting your feelings.

Susie's probably going to blog the food, so I'll leave that to her, but the restaurant was really nice, and it was so wonderful to have a fancy lunch with my sweetie.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I saw that very episode and thought of you guys because of the location!!! What fun!