Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's his party

David's decided on the theme for his birthday party this year. He wants a "Harry Potter" party. We've done themed parties for our kids every time they've had them, and they've been very successful, thanks in no small part to the organizing skills and idea magic of my dearest Susie. I don't expect this to be the exception. She's already been collecting interestingly-shaped bottles for "potions class," and we're in negotiations for a Hogwarts-shaped cake.

The real challenge is the guest list. We need to pare it down to about 6. We had about a million kids (maybe only 9) for his last party (a Doctor Who theme... no, wait! Come back!) and although it was a HUGE success, it was just a bit much for us. And that was for his 7th birthday; this is his 9th. The kids are just going to be that much bigger and rowdier, so we're going to have to reduce the numbers to keep the sanity. David seems pretty amenable to the reduced numbers, but the real concern is the ones who don't get invited. David's school is so small that no matter how few or how many we invite, someone's feelings are going to be hurt. This is going to take some thought.

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