Saturday, February 10, 2007

Been a while...

Yeah, I've been slacking. I took a few weeks away from work to study for a promotion test, and I kinda got out of the not-quite-well-established habit of blogging.

Susie's taken David to London for the day, in anticipatory celebration of her birthday tomorrow. So it's just Lily and me here today. We've got a full day planned, with a trip to the library, lunch out, and some other fun dad/daughter bonding things :)

I was inspired to write here today because I commented on a post over at Shamus Young's "Twenty-Sided" blog section. When you comment there, he asks you to enter your website, and I realized that if anyone read my comment, and came here, they'd find a somewhat outdated site. So I thought I'd at least post something.

I discovered Shamus' site when someone pointed me at the brilliant "DM Of The Rings" comic, which reimagines what "Lord of the Rings" might be like if it were a "Dungeons & Dragons"-type gaming session. If you're a gamer, check it out. I've added Shamus to my list of regular reads, and I'll be adding a link over on the side there next to Susie and Wil Wheaton.

Now, I've included some links above, and I know there's some sort of "Trackback" feature on some of them, which I think is supposed to let him know I've linked to him. But I don't know how to make it work, at least, not for sure, so, Shamus, if you read this, and it's NOT because of "trackback," sorry... I'll figure it out.

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