Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope you all (heh... as if there's a "you all") had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration, and I wish you all the best in the year to come.

Yeah, I'm late. But I've had a few days off from work, and I've been using them to... do nothing. Played a little "Sonic Heroes" with David, which I think he enjoyed (I know I did, enough that I went back after he was asleep and played by myself. Heh.)

Friday was David's birthday, and we went to Pizza Express for dinner, which was wonderful and delicious and a treat for all. Then we came home and had a birthday cake, of which we each had a piece, and then we... threw away the leftovers. "WHAT?" I can hear you shouting. Well, Susie and I have gone back to the Weight Watchers Mafia. It works, we know from experience, and we've both decided that the time was right. So far, in 2 weeks, I've lost 8.2 pounds, so I must be doing something right. No, this isn't going to become one of the many "weight loss blogs" out there; there are enough of them without me adding my voice to the din. But every once in a while, I might mention it. And no, I'm not getting paid for linking to the websites I've linked to; maybe I SHOULD look into getting into Google's AdSense thing...

Anyway, on Sunday, the whole family went to Hunstanton, a small coastal resort town, to go mini-golfing for David's birthday. Sadly, they were closed. So we went to the Sea Life Sanctuary and had lunch. But since it was New Year's Eve, they were closing early. Strike Two. In consolation, I took David down the boardwalk to an arcade, but in typical English fashion, it was really more like a slot machine casino with a few arcade games. We played a few, but all in all it was a sort of a disappointing trip. I promised David we'd make another go of it when the weather gets nicer.

If you're reading this (Hi, Susie!) you might be wondering, where's the wit promised in the name? Well, there's lots in the news, but I don't want to make this post too rambling. I'll be making more posts later, and I promise to use at least a little wit in them. (Of course, "wit" doesn't just mean "funny," right?)

Until later, then...

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