Monday, November 12, 2007

The NUMB3RS Drinking Game

Here it is, folks, from my own fevered imagination, the NUMB3RS drinking game. Most of these I'm making up as I go along, but a couple I remember seeing when I glanced at the one at Television Without Pity. I may edit this post as time goes on, to add or subtract entries.

Here we go:

The Official Wit Farm NUMB3RS Drinking Game
sip: take a taste of your drink
drink: take at least one full mouthful of your drink
chug: finish your drink

Sip if:
Charlie uses the word "algorithm"
Larry uses the word "cosmological"
Alan uses the phrase "my city planning days"
Cody uses the word "Afghanistan"
Megan uses the phrase "it's a classic {anything} profile"
Don is in riot gear AND chewing gum
Charlie and Don play basketball
Charlie gets an inspiration (with CharlieVision) from something someone says

Drink if:
The team, in riot gear, break down a door, but:
a) the place is empty, or
b) everyone inside is dead
Don is in riot gear and NOT chewing gum
Don is NOT in riot gear, and IS chewing gum
Charlie gets an inspiration (with CharlieVision) from something he sees
Charlie and Amita ALMOST kiss
Megan kisses Larry (she initiates it)
Don kisses anyone
Anyone mentions "the caterer"
Charlie hangs a new blackboard
Ian Edgerton (sniper) is in the episode
Gary Walker (LAPD gang cop) is in the episode
Larry fondles some sort of toy
Don calls Charlie "Chuck"

Chug if:
Charlie and Amita kiss
Larry kisses Megan (he initiates it)
Larry's car is seen moving onscreen
Larry eats anything not white
Any reference is made to any of the actors' previous jobs


cadiz12 said...

wow, this game makes me want to start watching the show.

Anonymous said...

Drink every time Charlie says: "and a pattern will emerge"
He says it ALL the time!!!